Teen Abortions

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Today, having an abortion within the first two trimesters of pregnancy is legal in the United States for adult women. For teens, it is much more complicated. In some states, it is illegal for a child under the age of 18 to have an abortion without the consent of her parent or guardian unless the pregnancy is an immediate threat to her health. Some states do not require the permission of the parent but do require parental notification first. In some states, Idaho for example, having an abortion without the knowledge or consent of parents is allowed.

Debates Concerning the Laws

Laws that limit a teenager’s right to an abortion are constantly being challenged in court. It has been argued that a teenage girl has the same rights as an adult woman when it comes to making decisions about her body. It has also been argued that certain circumstances might require abortions to be done immediately and do not allow much time for parental notification. Opponents of these laws question its inflexibility and its invasive nature to the rights of the minor.

Proponents of these notification laws argue that minors do not and should not have the same rights as adults. They say that minors do not have the necessary mental capability to handle a situation as grave as something like this. That is why, they say, it is necessary for the parent to know the circumstances of the situation and to be the one to make the decision.


Research has shown that at least eight percent of all abortions conducted are on adolescents. Even though parental consent is required in most states, teenage girls tend to hide their true age. Clinics will then go ahead and perform the procedure without notifying the parents.


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